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Welcome to Organic Parivar

The Organic Parivar is a revolution that guide us to maintain a healthy and chemical free life, we fulfill your requirements with respect to ordering organic food online. Our vision is to make the organic food items available to each one of us who is willing to buy but do not know the answer to “where”. The farmers of local farms bring in their organically grown goods to the market through us. However, each item is selected on the basis of several audits that are conducted by our team of quality specialists. The produce is cleansed and hygienically packed with appropriate care. We are never in the favour of compromising on the quality which is why the variety of parameters are stringently set to ensure zero tolerance towards degradation in the quality. The Organic Parivar deals in a plethora of organic cereals, pulses, fruits, vegetables and a wide range of products that constitutes into “organic grocery”. Our aim is solely to provide the organic freshest product. The Organic Parivar has formed a team that has expertise in the field of organic agriculture. The company sees to it that a highly skilled level of labours is involved in the pre and post harvesting. Alongside of the fully equipped quality control team the company also excels in digitalizing the output and facilitating its delivery to your doors. 100% Eco & Organic


Our Mission

Our mission is to conduct and convene credible, evidence-based science on the environmental and health effects of organic food and farming and communicate the findings to the public.

Education and research on sustainable organic food and farming to improve the health of humans and the environment. Communicate credible, evidence-based science that supports the health and environmental benefits of sustainable organic food and farming. Advance understanding about the health and environmental benefits of organic food and farming through scientific research Improve the efficacy and sustainability of organic farming methods through scientific research Control of the Quality

What We Offer

Ditch those old grocery lines and heavy bags that you are forced to carry home instead just pick up your phone or bump into our site and place the order absolutely hassle free. We would ensure that your order reach your place well in time alongside of impeccable quality. The places where we deliver grocery to pan UP whereas our delivery for fruits and vegetable extends to entire city of Lucknow and other areas.

To engage and develop partnerships with universities, research institutions, federal agencies, organic farmers, and food systems advocates that are working to improve and transform agricultural systems. To strengthen and expand organic practices and commodities which reduce the use of toxic, synthetic chemicals and have clear benefits to human health and the environment. To serve as a resource for the public, policy makers, scientists, farmers and industry on the science supporting sustainable organic food and farming To empower consumers to make choices that will improve their health, the health of the environment and the health of their communities through education and outreach.